Here you can find the Supplementary Materials of some recent papers:

Although the original data for each paper are usually included in those Supplementary Materials along with the recipe to produce the results, you can find here the main results in a convenient form so you can reuse them and plot your own figures quickly:

My Neogene Southern Ocean radiolarian dataset used in Renaudie & Lazarus (2013) and Trubovitz et al. (2020) can be found on Zenodo along with Sarah's massive Late Neogene equatorial Pacific radiolarian dataset: beware however that the ages used in the original 2013 publication where slightly different. The original (now outdated[pun not intended]) sample ages can be found in the Supplementary Table 1 of that article.


Here you can find the basic beamer template I use for my presentations (such as this one from 2019).