TMS General Meeting 2020 Online


This week was the annual meeting of The Micropalaeontological Society, in fact it doubled as its 50th anniversary. Of course given the current nightmare circumstances, it happened online and I must say that of all the many, many, MANY meetings and conferences I attended online this year, this might have been one of the most well done, together with the EGU online meeting which was really cool and original as it was really free-form, whereas TMS did manage to stick successfully to the classic talks + posters setting.

Our students had two posters there on our current project and got interesting comments/questions (in part as comments on the poster page which was a simple but nifty solution).

The talks, and in particular the keynote talks, were (more than usual) brilliant I must say. It's nice to see micropaleontology finally starting to live up to its potential. Some random thoughts/comments on the talks:

Screenshot of the meeting website.

Together with our colleagues at the GFZ in Potsdam, we are thinking about putting on a bid to host next year's meeting in Berlin (or, you know, online, if neededHat tip to all the people out there acting as if this was over and thanks to whom this nightmare is gonna last for the next 2 to 5 years! If it's OK with you I would like to be able to go see my family again.). We'll see how it goes!